Whoever said you can’t buy happiness didn’t know I was selling cookies.


When I was kid, my grandmother, Kathryn, used to invite me into the kitchen to help her decorate sugar cookies. It was one of the things I most looked forward to during her Christmas visits. Consistently soft and delicate, her cookies were different than the ones from the stores. They looked different. They tasted different. Nothing else compared. Grandma’s cookies were color TV in a black and white world. We took our time to carefully apply colored icing and sprinkles in preparation of our indulgence. They were the best cookies I ever had – every time.

As years went on, the cookies appeared more often. Taking over for Grandma, Mom began making them for other holiday gatherings. Easter. Halloween. Birthdays. Mom’s version was a classic follow up to something no one could imagine could get better. But somehow…they got better. People looked for excuses to eat them year round. We weren’t just baking cookies anymore; we were creating some of our best family memories.

Grandma’s cookies became the centerpiece of every major occasion by which our family marked our lives. Now, years later, I’m building upon Grandma’s great sugar cookie recipe and creating this joyful tradition with my own family.

But as I’ve grown, I’ve realized that joy always tastes better when it’s shared.


So I’m bringing Grandma Kathryn’s recipe to the masses. It’s only fair…

Sweet Jane’s is a tribute to those great traditions and cookies my grandma Kathryn Jane started all those years ago. She passed them on to my mother, Barbara Jane, who passed them on to me, Courtney Jane.

Custom made shapes and buttercream icing capture the tradition and spirit of all those cookies we decorated with Grandma years ago. A tribute to simplicity and nostalgia, careful attention is paid to ensure every hand-made batch of sugar cookies has the same consistent tenderness and uncompromising taste I remember as a kid.

Homemade. Hand-crafted. From scratch. Vintage. Classic. However you label them, you’ll find yourself swallowing pure happiness. Nothing else will compare

Kathryn Jane (top right), Barbara Jane (top left) and Courtney Jane (bottom left) sitting with Great Grandmother Black